Course Objective

Corrosion is a destructive result of the chemical reaction between a metal or alloy and its environment. Due to a reaction, metal as elements are converted into metallic compounds. Thus corrosion is a natural process whereby all metals tend to reverse back to their initial compounds.

The present training program has been developed to provide an overview of the corrosion and its preventions and control measures in important capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas Production, Pipelines, Refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Process Plants, Power Plants, Manufacturing and others. An emphasis of the program is to provide participants a right platform to discuss actual case studies through live question/answers to further enhance their depth of knowledge and get answers to the problems experienced in the plant.

Course Timings

Training timing from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm both the days with intermediate Tea/ coffee Breaks, Buffet Lunch.

Training Program Includes

  • Certificate of attending the Training Course
  • Delegate Kit with Course Material
  • Arrangement of Tea/ Coffee and Buffet Lunch

Registration Fee:

Indian Participants:
Rs. 15,000/- + 18% GST

Foreign Participants:
USD 300 (including taxes)

Rs. 6000/- + 18% GST

Early bird discount:
10% if registered before
31st March 2019.

Corporate discount:
10% (for 2 and above), 15% (for 4 and above) & 20% (for 6 and above) number of delegates from the same organization.

Topics & Structure of the Program:

The Major Topics to be covered:
•    Fundamentals of Corrosion:
Importance & Overview of Corrosion, Electro-chemical aspects of corrosion, Electromotive Series, Polarization, Passivation, Types of Corrosion & their mechanisms, Various corrosion phenomenon as encountered in hydrocarbon and other process plants (like localized attack, erosion corrosion, sulfidation, CO2 & H2S corrosion, environmentally assisted cracking, hydrogen damage, Amine Corrosion, sulfide stress cracking, stress corrosion cracking etc). Corrosion rate calculation, Corrosion allowance, different Corrosion Control & Preventive techniques like Material selection, Cathodic Protection, Coatings and linings, Corrosion Inhibitors etc.

•    Selection of Optimum Metallurgy/ Material Selection:
Material Selection and Corrosion resistance alloys (CRA’s), Carbon and Low alloy steels, Stainless Steels, Nickel alloys, Copper alloys etc, design aspects.

•    Cathodic Protection System:
Fundamentals of Cathodic & Anodic protection, Sacrificial & Impressed Current System, Anode Materials, Interference in Cathodic Protection, CP application for underground plant piping, equipment and above ground storage tanks, On-shore/ Submarine Pipelines, Buried Structure, Interior of Tanks and Vessels, Submerged/ off-shore Structures and others, CP Survey etc.

•    Protective Coating & Lining Systems:
Fundamentals of coatings, Surface preparation, application methods, types of coating and its selection, Types Organic and metallic coatings (inorganic zinc, epoxies, phenolics, vinyl esters, polyesters, metallic zinc, aluminium, stainless steel etc.) and their areas of application, Coating Survey.

•    Corrosion Monitoring & Assessment:
Corrosion Monitoring & damage assessment, types of corrosion monitoring systems and probes, Corrosion Coupons, ER/ LPR Probes, Assessment of corrosion through thickness loss measurement (NDT) etc.

•    Corrosion Inhibitor:
Corrosion Inhibitor Dosing, Type of Inhibitors, Hydrogen-Evolution Poisons, Scavengers, Neutralization Vapour Phase Inhibitors, Batch /Continuous Dosing and others, cooling water system and process streams, crude etc.

•    Practical Case Studies and Question Answer Session

Who should attend?

The course outline is designed for professionals engaged in design, installation, monitoring, testing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance and corrosion control from

- Oil and Gas Production and Processing

- Pipeline

- Oil Refineries

- CGD, LNG and Natural Gas Industry               

- Petrochemicals & Fertilizer

- Chemical and process industries

- Power Plants

- Infrastructure Companies

- Design & Engineering Companies

- EPC Companies

- Equipment Suppliers

- Technical Institutes

- Vendors & Suppliers

- Material & Corrosion Professionals

- Asset Integrity, Reliability & HSE Professionals

- Operation, Maintenance & Inspection Professionals

- Failure Analyst, Life Assessment professionals

- Educational & Technical Institutes

- R&D, Educational Institutes and Students

Faculty Details:

Mr. Ranjit Chaudhury
M. Tech, B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur
Ex. Group Head-Corrosion Control Group
Engineers India Ltd.



It will provide an ideal opportunity to learn technical as well as Practical knowledge from the faculty Mr. R. Chaudhury (Ex. Group Head of Corrosion Control Division, Engineers India Ltd), a highly renowned Corrosion Specialist in the Oil & Gas Industry with more than 36 years of hands-on experience in the field of Corrosion Control& Management, Cathodic Protection, Material Selection, Protective Coatings and Pipeline Integrity for various industries like process plants, off-shore Oil& Gas production/ process platforms, submarine and on-shore pipelines, integrity assessment of hydrocarbon pipelines etc.

The brief faculty profile is as follows:
• Superannuated from Engineers India Ltd., New Delhi as Deputy General Manager and Group Head of Corrosion Control division.
• He studied B.Tech (Hons.) in Metallurgy (IIT Kharagpur, 1975); M.Tech. in Metallurgy (specialization in Corrosion Science & Technology) IIT Kharagpur, 1977. He is a member of NACE International since 1987
• He has provided his consultancy services to most of the premier companies like ONGC, Cairn India, IOCL, GAIL, GSPC/GSPL, NPCC-Abu Dhabi, KNPC, National Fertilizers Ltd., Tata Chemicals (Fertilizer Div.), ADCO-Abu Dhabi, Sonatrach-Algeria, HPCL, BPCL, Nagarjuna Fertilizer etc.
• Specialist in analyzing different forms of corrosion failures and the various corrosion prevention methods e.g. material selection, cathodic and anodic protection, organic paint and thermally sprayed metallic coatings, anode evaluation and testing methods, corrosion monitoring methods and techniques, corrosion studies to predict corrosion rate for Oil/Gas pipelines.
• on experience in Design, testing & commissioning of all types of cathodic protection system for on-shore & off-shore structures, process equipment, process plant piping, anode material selection, application of corrosion monitoring techniques, cathodic protection system maintenance/ retrofitting, cathodic protection performance tests and evaluation. Introduced state of the art mixed metal oxide coated titanium anodes on commercial scale and thermally sprayed aluminium coating for offshore platforms for the first time in India.
• Had overall responsibility for selection of industrial coatings (organic and metallic) for various services for process plant equipment’s, inhibitors for upstream operations in oil and gas production as well as for industrial water treatment, pipelines carrying hydrocarbons.
• 20 years of experience in In-line inspection (intelligent pigging) and integrity assessment of operational pipelines by method of cathodic protection performance evaluation, internal surface corrosion rate prediction and results of an in-line inspection.
• Familiar with various relevant and applicable international codes and standards e.g DIN, ISO, NACE, ASTM, API, SSPC etc.
• He has worked as specialist engineer in International Metallizing and Engg. Co. Calcutta during 1978-84, in the area of high-temperature resistant metal coatings, corrosion resistant organic paint coatings, and design, engineering, supervision, commissioning of CP systems.

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Contact Details for Registration:

Mobile: +91-96673 17805; Office: 011-4654 5757